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PULP RIOT - Colour Anarchy

Explore your Colour Creativity with Pulp Riot Artists!
Join the Riot as we challenge your thought process and disrupt trends so you see colour through a new perspective.

British Riot Squad Members taking the sessions are :
Verity Waite @verityofthevanitybox   
in our Birmingham Academy
Gemma Amura @gemmaamura        
 in our Swansea Academy


PULP RIOT - Killer Paint

KILLER PAINT .......    You are the artist. Hair is canvas. Pulp Riot is the paint
Explore Pulp Riot Semi -Permanent colours with our Artists !
British Pulp Riot Artists taking the seminars are:
Heather Mckenzie
in Birmingham  Aston & Fincher acadamy
Tegan Robertson
in Luton and Plymouth Aston & Fincher academies
LexieShay Rabbett
in our Nottingham and Liverpool Aston & Fincher academies
Gemma Amura
in our Swansea Academy

PULP RIOT - Killer Blonde

Now's the time to explore all things Blonde with our Pulp Riot Artists
Learn about all things Blonde with Pulp Riot in out following academies.

Join LexieShay Rabbett
in our Birmingham Aston &Fincher academy

Heather MacKenzie
in our Liverpool and Nottingham Aston & Fincher academies

Verity Waite
@verityof the vanitybox
in our Luton Aston &Fincher academy

Gemma Amura
in our Swansea  Aston and Fincher academy

Tegan Robertson
in our Plymouth Aston &Fincher academy

Riot Roadshow

Aston & Fincher are delighted to welcome David and Alexis Thurston, the creators of Pulp Riot and owners of the infamous Butterfly Loft in LA, to Fazeley Studios Birmingham for an evening of mind blowing colour inspiration. As a modern artist you have the opportunity to change the game and the industry, and this night is going to give you more ammunition!

Alexis and members of the Riot Squad will reveal its secrets and show you the how the paint created for artists will change your colour game.

You will be one of the first to experience what they can do with their new permanent colour, Faction8.