Affinage Infinity Colour Open Day - Morning Session 2020

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Time: 10am-12pm
Duration: 2 hours
Pre Requisite: No experience needed this is a two hour look and learn theory based session discovering the new benefits of the updated ASP INFINITI colour.

Course Description

Discover the new benefits of the updated ASP Infiniti Colour - INFINITI 2020
On this two hour theory based interactive session we will take you through the new breakthrough technology,colours and exciting advancements.The ASP educator will take you through all the updates and make sure you are Infiniti 2020 ready.
Get ready for the colour you have been waiting for ...

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Reviews (5)

Clare - Manchester Store
The educator was very helpful. 
Libby - Manchester Store
I felt very relaxed and at ease.  The educator was knowledgeable and friendly.
Maria - Manchester Store
Enjoyed the course today.  The educator was very friendly and helpful and answered all my questions.
Nicola - Manchester Store
Learnt about a brand I have not worked with before and feel it was worth learning.  The educator was very knowledgeable. 
Anita - Manchester Store
A very informative, relaxed and fun course!