Balayage and Creative Freehand Colouring Techniques 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm lunch provided
Duration: One day
Pre Requisite: Level 2 NVQ
Equipment: Delegates will need to bring their hairdressing kit

Course Description

Everyone is talking about Balayage from Alexa Chung to Rihanna, anyone who is anyone is after the "just kissed by the sun" look, but good Balayage is an art.  If the right products aren't used or the product is washed off too soon the caramel dream turns into a tangerine nightmare.

We can show you how to enhance the techniques you already have and learn new ways to create beautiful hair for your clients?
This course will help explain the latest colouring techniques and how you can use them in your salon.
Learn to master the latest colour applications, incorporating Balayage, Ombre, Root Drift and Sombre.
A beautiful root drift can add a tonal drift of colour to compliment the existing hair colour of your client.  It's easy to look after and grows out with style.  Or try your hand at Sombre a softer take on Ombre hair as seen on fashionista's all over . We provide you with a mannequin head to use on the day and you are able to take these away with you at the end of the course so you can carry on practising and re-creating the stunning looks you have learnt on the day.
You will need to have been level 2 trained or above to take this course.

What happens on the day

  • Introduction 
  • Practical day learning how to create the latest fashion looks; Balayage, Ombre, Root Drift and Sombre
  • Enhance existing application techniques and develop new sectioning patterns
  • You will need to bring your colouring and styling kit with you on the day (or you can purchase on the day at the store)
  • Conclusion – did you achieve the expectations from the start of the course?

*please take the time to read our terms and conditions before booking your course

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Reviews (82)

Kristen - Cardiff Store
5 Star - would happily attend more courses.
Kristy - Cardiff Store
Great skills and relaxing atmosphere.  The trainer was very helpful throughout the course.  Will definitely come on another course in the future. 
Andre - Cardiff Store
Lots of information and learnt different techniques.  The educator made the experience fun. 
Bethan - Cardiff Store
Had a really good day at Aston & Fincher. 
Charlotte - Cardiff Store
Great course, learnt a lot of new skills.  Highly recommend. 
Zahra - Cardiff Store
Would definitely recommend this course.  The people were lovely and helpful and I enjoyed the course as I learnt loads and made to feel very welcome
Kayleigh - Cardiff Store
I would rate 10 out of 10 as everyone was really lovely and I learnt loads while on this course. 
Tracey - Cardiff Store
Really enjoyed the Balayage course today.  The course was very hands on and the educator came around and showed us more techniques.  Highly recommend this course.
Clowy - Cardiff Store
Well organised and friendly atmosphere.  The educator had clear knowledge and experience.  She was also fun and friendly and helped me to improve my skills and techniques.
Natasha - Cardiff Store
Great course, learnt new techniques to carry forward and use on my clients.
Nikita - Cardiff Store
Thoroughly enjoyed this course, the day went so quick.  Can't wait to attend future courses.
Lauren - Cardiff Store
Great course, learnt so much.  The day went so quick.  Thank you.
Sally - Cardiff Store
Great course, had a lovely day.  Thank you.
Zara - Cardiff Store
A five star course.  Will definitely be attending more.
Louise - Cardiff Store
Really enjoyed the day.  Thank you.
Jane - Cardiff Store
Had a great day, would definitely recommend to others. 
Lauren - Cardiff Store
Very good course and a fab friendly educator.
Grace - Cardiff Store
A fab day!  Feel confident with the techniques and can't wait to start on clients back at the salon.
Nadia - Cardiff Store
A fantastic course.
Beth - Cardiff Store
An in depth course and very useful.
Bethany - Cardiff Store
Five star course.  The environment was very comfortable and will definitely come again.
Bethany - Cardiff Store
I've learnt a lot today on my course and some good techniques I can use in the salon.
Natalie - Oldbury Store
I would definitely recommend this course.  Very informative and I enjoyed the practical parts.
Juliet - Oldbury Store
The educator was lovely and very knowledgeable.
Chloe - Oldbury Store
The course was presented well and I learnt new tips.  The educator was very knowledgeable.
Charley - Oldbury Store
Lovely store and the course was very good.  I learnt lots and would definitely come back.
Brynn - Oldbury Store
The educator was excellent.  Really enjoyed the course.
Eleanor - Coventry Store
Great experience and really worth while.  Great educator and a fab store!  Really well run and managed.  Will definitely attend again.  Thank you.
Karen - London Store
Fantastic Balayage course yet again at Aston & Fincher - London Store.  I always enjoy the courses here that are knowledgeable and suitable for all abilities.  Always come away having learnt something new!  Thank you.   
Annum - London Store
Thank you for a knowledgeable and detailed course which was easy to follow and pick up.  The educator was very hands on for support. 
Suzanne - Luton Store
The course provided me with everything I wanted to learn.  The educator was very friendly and knowledgeable.  I would definitely recommend this course to others.  Thank You.
Caroline - Luton Store
The educator was a great tutor.  Very informative and would definitely attend other courses.
Gemma - Luton Store
The educator was very knowledgeable and really helpful.  Had a very enjoyable day of learning.  Thank You.
Jenny - Hereford Store
Really informative, lovely and relaxed.  Well worth the money - thank you. 
Emma - Hereford Store
Loved every minute of the course.  Thank you. 
Jessie - Hereford Store
Great tutor, explained easily and thoroughly all aspects.  Related to ways things can go wrong and how to remedy.  Really enjoyed the course. 
Janet - Liverpool Store
I am very happy with the outcome of this course.  I will now be able to perfect my skills and technique on my clients.
Louise - Liverpool Store
Really enjoyed my day.  I learnt everything I wanted and more!  The educator was fabulous and very helpful all day.
Lynsey - Liverpool Store
Excellent course, the tutor was lovely and very thorough in her training.  I have learnt a lot today and really enjoyed the course.
Alex - Luton Store
Really enjoyed the course.  Learnt a lot in just one day and feel more confident.  The educator was brilliant!
Iona - Worcester Store
Would love to attend more courses in Worcester.
Natalie - Hull Store
A very enjoyable course.  I feel a lot more confident with approaching balayage.   Looking forward to putting the different techniques into practice. 
Leanne - Yeovil Store
Met expectations. Would attend another course.
Sarah - Liverpool Store
Really enjoyed the course and found it very knowledgeable.
Trinny - Liverpool Store
Learnt some new things and techniques that can be taken away and used.
Samantha - Liverpool Store
Met expectations. Would attend another course.
Caitlin - Liverpool Store
Well detailed and explained, helpful tutor, able to ask many questions.
Abi - Liverpool Store
Learnt a lot from just one day, different techniques and colour info. Really enjoyed the course, found new techniques and theory behind it.
Jon - Liverpool Store
It's local.
Sophie - Luton Store
Very enjoyable, so much information explained easily and simply.
Holly - Luton Store
Met expectations. Would attend another course.
Lucia - Luton Store
It was well organised and the educator knew the subject well. I had no confidence with Balayage before today but it has answered all my questions and I feel I could easily do it in the salon.
Nadie - Luton
Kelly is an excellent trainer, well worth attending.
Simona - Luton Store
Met expectations. Would attend another course.
Charlie - Luton Store
Learnt loads and had great fun thanks to Kelly.
Tracey - Yeovil Store
Really recommend this course.  Came away feeling good about what I had learnt. 
Georgie - Yeovil Store
An amazing experience.  The educator taught us lots and I loved every minute of the course.
Lindsey - Tamworth Store
Had a fabulous day, really enjoyed it.  Learnt lots.
Jessica - Tamworth Store
Very informative course.  The educator was friendly and knowledgeable.  Really enjoyed the whole day. 
Jade - Tamworth Store
Gained as much knowledge as I could on this course. 
Natalia - Tamworth Store
Lovely atmosphere.  Definitely enjoyed the day. 
Leah - Cheltenham Store
Five star course.
Karlie - Cheltenham Store
Very good course.  Feel much more confident doing Balayage in the salon now. 
Shirley - Cheltenham Store
Great course, learnt lots.
Paige - Cheltenham Store
Really relaxed and helpful and was able to ask any questions.  I would definitely recommend another course.
Charlotte - Birmingham Store
I really enjoyed the course, the educator was lovely and really made you feel at ease.  I feel a lot more confident now and knowledgeable,  A great experience. 
Olivia - Birmingham Store
Good tutor, made to feel very comfortable.  I have gained a lot of valuable information.
Holly - Birmingham Store
Brilliant training session, I really enjoyed myself and will definitely be back.  Thank you so much.
Kim - Birmingham Store
The educator was fab, covered everything in fine detail.  I feel a lot more knowledgeable about Balayage.  
Carly - Hereford Store
Very helpful course. 
Sharon - Hereford Store
Felt at ease as Balayage is new to me, learnt a lot from the course.  Everyone was very friendly.
Rebecca - Hereford Store
Lovely friendly course and it felt very easy to ask questions to get the best out of the day.
Suzie - Hereford Store
Great educators very knowledgeable.
Nakita - Hereford Store
Very prepared, friendly, excellent hosts and a wonderful educator who was very approachable.  I have attended numerous courses before and this was by far the best! Thank you.
Tracy - Manchester Store
5 Stars!The educators helped me with all my questions and concerns and I would definitely recommend this course.
Liza - Birmingham Store
Enjoyable, fun and informative day in learning about Balayage.
Lisa - Birmingham Store
A very educational day!
Rebekah - Birmingham Store
5 Stars!  I have had a brilliant experience, lots of fun and I now feel so much more comfortable with the knowledge I have been taught today.
Heidi - Birmingham Store
5 Star fab day.  Lovely educators and very informative.  Think I have finally found a way, I'm happy to Balayage!
Jacqueline - Birmingham Store
Knowledgeable educators that made learning fun.  They explained everything clearly and made the whole training session enjoyable and achievable.  I left the session inspired!
Klaudia - Birmingham Store
Great experience, lovely educators.  I learnt a lot of new techniques and products that I can use.
Violet - Birmingham Store
5 Star course