evo - Sir Mix a Lot am session 2019

05737 £25 £30.00 inc. VAT.

Course Details

Time: 9am - 12pm
Duration: 3 hours
Pre Requisite: Level 2 NVQ
Equipment: sense of humour

Course Description

Come and learn how to use evo Fabuloso and STAINO to create amazing colour for your clients
Customise clients take home products and make your salon stand out from the crowd ........
This colourful hair colouring masterclass will cover customised retail magic, basic product and mixology knowledge, colour theory, formulation and application.
Gain complete understanding of Fab Pro range, including Staino .Formulate and implement your own customised retail and in-salon services. evo Fabuloso Pro revives, intensifies and maintains hair colour in between services. It can be used in a shampoo and conditioner for a client to take home with them or to create the latest trends in temporary hair colour

What happens on the day

  • Introduction – what are your expectations of the day
  • What is evo Fabuloso Pro - an explanation of the products, how to use evo Fabuloso Pro to Refresh Fill, Tone, Pastel and enhance hair. How to use mood boards to get the shade you require.
  • what is STAINO and how do you get the results you want from it
  • Practical – split into groups with your own mood boards – create hair colours on swatches
  • Conclusion – did you hit your expectations from the start of the course?

Course Dates

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