Framesi Corrective Colour 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm lunch provided
Duration: 1 day
Pre Requisite: Level 2 NVQ
Equipment: Supplied by Aston and Fincher for the day.

Course Description

This course is a must for any Framesi Colour users.
Whether you are new to the brand and want to find out more or if you would like a re-fresher on what you can do with the colour we will show you hints,tips and techniques for getting the very best out of the colour range.From the correct application of the colour, how to problem solve and best of all how to bespoke and create new shades from your Framesi colour range.
The educators who take our Framesi courses are all trained by Framesi Master Technicians and you can have confidence  they will take you through how to use the colour correctly and how to get the best out of the brand.
We show you how to problem solve working on swatches but the best part is we show you how to create and bespoke new shades from your Framesi colour ranges.

 What happens on the day
  • Introduction – what are your expectations of the day?
  • Return to your basics and the colour wheel and learn about the correct procedure to get the best results form the Framesi colour range.
  • Problem solve everyday colour problems 
  • Explore ways or using and removing colour 
  • Delegates will work on swatches to gain confidence problem solving and colour correcting different issues using colour from the Framesi colour range
  • Delegates will work on swatches creating their own new shades and learning how to bespoke colours for clients using the  Framesi colour range
  • Conclusion 
  • Delegates will work on swatches supplied on the day by Aston & Fincher.
  • Equipment will be provided by the Aston and Fincher
  • All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course

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Reviews (21)

Collette - Manchester Store
Fab course.  Learnt lots of new information to take home.  Can't wait to attend further courses in the future. 
Lisa - Manchester Store
Thoroughly enjoy attending courses at Aston & Fincher each time.
Nia - Manchester Store
A fab course - thanks.
Lauren - Yeovil Store
A very well planned course, learnt a lot.  Had a lot of fun today. 
chantelle - Yeovil Store
There was lots of knowledge talked about and the activities really helped me to understand.
Daniel - Yeovil Store
Very good, will definitely book another course. 
Rebecca - Yeovil Store
A great course. 
Donna -Birmingham
Fab ! would recommend to anyone
Hannah - Birmingham
Fantastic for further colour knowledge,great location and friendly staff
Lauren - Birmingham
Brilliant course,very detailed and I learnt loads of new things.Would definitely recommend 
Susie - Birmingham
Loved todays course -the educators knowledge was fantastic !
Elizabeth - Worcester store
I found the course interesting and informative 
Shirley - Chelenham
Excellent course,brilliant educator ,learnt a lot today
Julie - Worcester
Impressed with how knowledgeable the tutor was - learnt loads 
Kirsty - Hull Store
Fabulous education.
Nicola - Hull Store
Very educational and lots of knowledge known.
Jade - Hull Store
Very useful information, helped a lot.
Natalie - Worcester Store
Felt at ease and very easy learning. 
Risha - Worcester Store
I really enjoyed my day.  I feel like we covered lots of material and was given all the necessary information. 
Kirsty - Hull Store
Loved every minute.  The educator was very knowledgeable and answered every question I asked confidently. 
Julie - Hull Store
Enjoyed every minute of the course and learnt lots today.  Thank you!