Framesi Expert 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm
Duration: 1 day lunch provided
Pre Requisite: to get the best from this course you will need to have been using Framesi colour for over 3 months.
Equipment: no equipment needed theory day

Course Description

This is a course for true Framesi lovers!
Our Framesi Masters course is an educational but social day where our educators go in depth with Framesi knowledge.
Learn hints and tips of how to get the very best results from all the Framesi range.
One thing we do ask is that you have been using the Framesi colour range for three months or over. 
What is Framesi Masters Course?
This course is for the  Framesi lovers out there. If you know the  Framesi brand well this is for you !
 We go in depth and full on with this course, going through how you can get the best from Framesi.
 Not only are we giving you hints and tips on how to take your Framesi colouring to the next level, but we also encourage you all to share your Framesi experiences.
 What have you tried that worked well, what didn't?
 This is a Social class and we want lots of Framesi conversation.
 The only thing we ask is that you have been using Framesi colour for at least 3 months so that you have something to talk about!

What happens on the day

  • Social and theory day with your educators taking you through the eternal circle the perfect customer journey Consultation,service,aftercare,home care and maintenance and how Framesi makes the journey easy to complete 
  • Like minded hairdressers exchanging views and ideas and with the educators helping you to expand your knowledge to the next level so you can get he best from Framesi
  • Learn ‘Tips & Tricks’ of using Framesi Colour and related products.
  • Discuss how to remove old colour build up, how to remove banding, reliable toning,fashion shades/formulations,grey coverage tips
  • An in-depth discussion of case studies of everyday issues encountered in the salon
  • Your final step on the Framesi Journey for 2020
  *please take the time to read our terms and conditions before booking your course

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Reviews (7)

Angie - Yeovil Store
The Framesi courses at Aston & Fincher are always very informative and the staff very friendly.
Angie - Yeovil Store
Five star rating.  Great course held in Yeovil and the educator was very knowledgeable.
Jacquie - Yeovil Store
Very informative course.  The educator was easy to talk to and to ask any questions.
Sara - Hereford Store
Excellent course and approachable staff.
Carys - Hereford Store
The educator answered lots of questions and I now have new knowledge.
Justine - Hereford Store
Very informative course.
Donna - Worcester Store
A fabulous course and educator.