Introduction to NXT Colour 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 3pm
Duration: 1 day
Pre Requisite: No experience needed
Equipment: No Equipment Needed

Course Description

NXT is one of Aston & Fincher's bestselling colour brands.  On this course we will show you the results you can achieve with the colour and what other products are associated with the NXT brand.  A great course for anyone who has just taken the colour brand on and would like to know how it works or for someone who has been using the brand for a long time and would like a refresher on what it can do.  This is an introduction day to the NXT brand and it gives us a chance to show you what results can be achieved with the brand.  Its a "look and learn" day and there is lots of information to help you also achieve great results in your salons.
What can I expect from the Introduction to NXT course?

We think the best way to see how something works is to see it in action and so we give you a demonstration of the colour.
By seeing the great coverage of grey or root regrowth on this busy interactive course you will come away with a good understanding of how NXT performs and will inspire you with ideas for taking the colour to the next level on your clients.
Make sure you have your questions ready as we have our qualified educators waiting to answer them!
What happens on the day

  •  Introduction – what are your expectations of the day?
  •  The NXT colour brand and its story
  • Demonstrations on a model to show how the colour covers
  • Delegates will be invited to take part in the colour application to see how the colour goes onto the hair
  • Conclusion – did you achieve the expectations you wrote down at the start of the course?

Once you have the basics covered we have a selection of courses which show you how to colour correct and great technical courses to help you get the best from the NXT brand.

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Course Dates

Date Location
21 August 2019
21 August 2019
27 August 2019
28 August 2019
28 August 2019
Newton Abbot
9 September 2019
10 September 2019
10 September 2019
10 September 2019
10 September 2019
17 September 2019
18 September 2019
18 September 2019
25 September 2019
14 October 2019
15 October 2019
21 October 2019
22 October 2019
30 October 2019

Reviews (52)

Sammy - Liverpool Store
Brilliant experience, will definitely be booking another course.
Emma - Liverpool Store
The educator was very friendly and full of knowledge.
Karen - Northampton Store
5 star course! 
Penny - Northampton Store
5 star course!  Thank you. 
Aylsha - Northampton Store
The educator was very helpful with everything I needed to know.
Daniel - Yeovil Store
A very informative course.  I learnt so much from this course. 
Kelly - Yeovil Store
Great value for money - lots of information.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking of trying a new brand.
Jennifer - Yeovil Store
I attended the NXT Intro course today and have left feeling confident in using the range of products.
Nicole - Sunderland Store
The course was fantastic.  The educator was well prepared and friendly.  A great experience. 
Joanne - Sunderland Store
Very informative and was able to ask questions about the product.  Increased confidence in using more colours. 
Danielle - Sunderland Store
Very happy with the course I have attended today.  I feel like I have learnt lots.  The educator and facilities were excellent. 
Helen - Sunderland Store
Great course.  Great training and brilliant educator who explained things thoroughly.  I would definitely return in the future for another course. 
Jessica - Sunderland Store
Excellent course, learnt lots of new things about NXT and IQ products.  Would definitely recommend 100%.
Rachel - Tamworth Store
A fantastic day learning about NXT.  Very good knowledge and learning new techniques.
Kate - Yeovil Store
Handy,local and informative 
Maria- Yeovil Store
Very good - informative course !
Amanda-Yeovil Store
Fabulous course,very informative with a very approachable educator
Katie - Derby Store
An excellent course with brilliant facilities. 
Rosie - Luton Store
I learnt a lot on this course and the educator was brilliant. 
Melissa - Luton Store
A very good course, I am happy I attended. 
Razvan - Manchester Store
Excellent training by the educator.
Abby - Manchester Store
Excellent training by the educator.  Thank you. 
Roya - Manchester Store
Excellent training by the educator.  Thank you.
Laura - Luton Store
Very enjoyable, looking forward to the next course.  Thank you. 
Molly - Luton Store
A well planned and informative course. 
Camille - Liverpool Store
5 Stars!
Nicola - Liverpool Store
Would recommend a course at Aston & Fincher.  It was friendly and informative. 
Caitlin - Liverpool Store
Good explanations and examples on the course. 
Jessica - Liverpool Store
Good demonstrations and lots of information.
Debra - Hereford Store
5 Stars
Sophie - Hereford Store
Really enjoyed the NXT course today, lovely bunch of girls and tutor.  Feel buzzing and revitalized.

Pam - Hereford Store
Fantastic course.  The educator was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Zoe - Hereford Store
Fantastic course - you learn so much in a short space of time.  Can't wait to attend another course now.
Tahnee - Yeovil Store
Fab and friendly - very informative.
Carlota - London Store
Very friendly team and a great educator.
Diana - London Store
Great course. 
Elite - London Store
This was a very good course. 
George - London Store
Aston & Fincher is the best place to come and learn and the educator gave us lots of information.
Jessie - London Store
I really enjoyed the course on the NXT range.  I now feel more confident in colouring and using the correct products.
Raven - Manchester Store
5 Star course.
Shakia - Liverpool Store
The tutor was amazing and answered any questions asked.
Taylor - Liverpool Store
Very good course.  Enjoyed it.
Samantha - Liverpool Store
Very enjoyable course.
Alison - Liverpool Store
The educator was very knowledgeable about the colours and explained about the subject thoroughly and in a simple form.
Kerrie - Liverpool Store
The educator was brilliant and really helpful.
Paige - Liverpool Store
The educator was fabulous at explaining everything.
Demi - Liverpool Store
Loved the course.  The educator was fabulous.
Roselyn - Liverpool Store
I went on the NXT colour course as we have changed over to this product.  I found the course very knowledgeable and I am now more confident in using it.
Kim - Birmingham Store
5 star excellent course 
Susan - Worcester Store
Very informative.  The educator was very helpful.  I can recommend the NXT Introduction course.
Elena - Worcester Store
Friendly team, nice atmosphere and easy to understand. Thank you.
Fiona - Worcester Store
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course with Aston & Fincher today.  I am taking knowledge back to my salon to share with my colleagues and clients.