Introduction to Alfaparf colour 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm
Duration: 1 day
Pre Requisite: Level 2 NVQ required
Equipment: No Equipment Needed

Course Description

Come and join our educators on your first step on a journey through the Alfaparf colour brand and all the added features in its range. Producing fabulous colour for more than 35 years, everything still begins in Italy, and they continue to dream big....
They still strive to create things that have never existed before and are always looking to the latest trends and fashions.
                                        THE JOB OF A HAIRDRESSER IS TO “CREATE BEAUTY”
             Through our education we want to teach you the same secrets in order to be successful

What to expect on the day

  • Course begins at 10am 
  • Educators will take you through Evolution of Colour 
  • Break for lunch
  • In the afternoon the educators will take you through Pigments, Style Stories and Bleaches 

                                                           ALFAPARF MILANO EDUCATION
                                             IN LOVE WITH BEAUTY, YOUR JOURNEY TOWARDS 
                                              HEART OF  ITALIAN EXCELLENCE STARTS HERE.

Course Dates

Date Location
19 August 2019
21 August 2019
9 September 2019
9 September 2019
23 September 2019
23 September 2019
24 September 2019
1 October 2019
9 October 2019

Reviews (53)

Natasha - Luton Store
I had a great time on this course.  Really excited to use this new range.  Feel quite confident to do so.
Gracie - Worcester Store
The educator was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the colours and products.  I really enjoyed the course.
Jodie - Worcester Store
Always greeted by friendly staff.  The courses at Aston & Fincher are very educational.
Jodie - London Store
Friendly staff and environment. Always had a very educational and motivating experience on a course here at Aston & Fincher. And I am always greeted with friendly staff. 
Gracie - London Store
Justine was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the colours and products. Really enjoyed this course.
Lauren - London Store
Extremely helpful.
Jessica - London Store
Well presented and very helpful.
Sue - Derby Store
Very knowledgeable educator. 
Marie - Derby Store
Very impressed with the products and the costs.  The range is excellent.  Loads of variety and very well described.
Manjeet - Derby Store
It was a really good experience.  The educator went through the colours very precisely and I would recommend it to others. 
Keira - Derby Store
The course was very informative and enjoyable and helped my understanding of the colours.  The educator was very kind and knowledgeable. 
Donna - Derby Store
Extremely well looked after on the course.  The educator was very informative and it was easy to follow.
Chelsea - Derby Store
Feeling so much more confident about the brand now. 
Joanna - Derby Store
The educator was fab and very easy to talk to and she explained everything really well.  A really enjoyable day.  I feel very inspired and motivated to work with Alfaparf.  The educator was very knowledgeable and delivered the course very well.  
Sam - Derby Store
Learnt so much from today and came away feeling confident about trying the colours and products.  Very comfortable setting and the educator was very easy to approach and answered all questions with really good explanations.  She was very knowledgeable about all hairdressing services. 
Angela - Derby Store
Learnt a lot about pigments and bleach.  The trainer was very knowledgeable.
Gabrielle - Derby Store
Excellent delivery in a most professional and friendly manner.  A very enjoyable course and explained colours and products extremely well.
Chantelle - Derby Store
The educator was very knowledgeable in all aspects of colour and Alfaparf.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Aston & Fincher.
Karen - Derby Store
The educator was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products, clearly loves them.
Kate - Derby Store
Really good course.  Feel as though I know a lot more about the colours and products from the educator who has experience from also working in a salon.
Claire - Derby Store
Great information on products and colours.
Natasha - Derby Store
The educator was lovely, we learnt so much.  I would definitely do another course. 
Chloe - Derby Store
An enjoyable course, the educator was very nice and I was given lots of information.
Ellie-May - Derby Store
The educator was brilliant, she knows everything about the product.
Marrianne - Derby Store
The educator was brilliant and very passionate about the products.
Bethany - Derby Store
Fabulous day, great company, learnt a lot.  Every day is a school day when you are a hairdresser.  The educator was very approachable and I would never use another brand.  Thanks.
Michelle - Derby Store
A fab course.
Jackie - Derby Store
I would definitely recommend doing one of these courses, learnt lots of information on Alfaparf products and colouring.  Very knowledgeable on all products.
Sarah - Derby Store
Very enjoyable.  Definitely learnt something new attending this course.
Ana - London Store
Excellent course. 
Izabel - London Store
5 Stars.
Joe - London Store
Very good - will be returning.
Rim - London Store
5 Stars - I loved the course.  Thank you for everything. 
Fatima Fereira - London Store
Was inspired - thank you. 
Poli - London Store
Great experience.
Samantha - London Store
5 Star - very informative, looking forward to the next course and improving my product knowledge.
Lucie - Birmingham Store
Aston & Fincher always provide great education and Alfaparf is one of the best brands.
Beth - Birmingham Store
A great class!  Very helpful.  I would definitely come to another class at Aston & Fincher.
Samantha - Birmingham Store
Attended Alfaparf Introduction course which was very informative.  Loving the products.  Excited to re-launch into this brand.

Emma - Birmingham Store
Great day of information and education in a relaxed atmosphere.
Justine - Birmingham Store
Great educators, good learning and cleared up lots of questions I had.
Anita - Birmingham Store
An excellent knowledgeable course. 
Anne - London Store
The educator was very approachable, helpful and encouraging to ask questions.  I now have more knowledge and feel confident.
Danielle - London Store
It is always good to keep updated on education on the colour we use in salon.
Sondes - London Store
The course gave me more knowledge.
Cristiane - London Store
I was able to get the most out of this course and had my questions answered.  I would love to have the trainer back to teach Olaplex.
Evandro - London Store
Five Star Course - Hope to see you soon!
Marina - London Store
Thank you for the motivation.
Lentina - London Store
I would like to be informed of more events at Aston & Fincher.
Silvana - London Store
I would like to be informed of more events at Aston & Fincher
Gayatri - Nottingham Store
The course was excellent and very knowledgeable.  Would definitely recommend the course to stylists.
Kelly - Nottingham Store
Five Star Education
Alina - Nottingham Store
An excellent course