Introduction To Framesi Colour 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm lunch provided
Duration: 1 day
Pre Requisite: No experience needed
Equipment: No equipment needed

Course Description

Inspired by founder Roberto Franchina in Milan, Italy in 1945; Framesi Colour today still gives hairdressers around the world  a platform to blend beauty and fashion with individual artistry and creativity. The integrity of their products have become standard tools leading the way for professionals worldwide to Set Their Talent Free.
This introduction course will take you through the different colour brands under the Framesi umbrella Glamour, 2001 and Eclectic. Framesi Introduction Courses are a full and informative day with educators who are either Framesi Master Technicians or trained to the highest standard by Framesi Masters.

 FRAMESI –  forever and always dedicated to the professional hairdresser with innovative, high quality hair care products that deliver in salon precision, predictability and performance.

What is – Introduction to Framesi Colour?
An overview of one of Italy's largest colour brands.
What are the brands under the Framesi umbrella and how do you as a new user get the best out of them?
Your first step on your Framesi educational Journey.

What happens on the day
  • Introduction – what are your expectations of the day?
  • An insight into who Framesi are and what their brand can do
  • Education on all the colour brands under the Framesi umbrella – Glamour, 2001 and Eclectic
  • Conclusion – did you achieve the expectations you wrote down at the start of the course?

Once you have the basics covered we have a selection of courses to take you on your  Framesi Educational Journey.
We show you how to
colour correct and have great technical courses which expand upon the rest of the Framesi range.
We also offer a
Masters Course for those who have been using Framesi for over three months.

*please take the time to read our terms and conditions before booking your course

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Reviews (77)

Rebecca - Cardiff Store
Thank you for the course today.  I am now more confident with the brand. 
Alice - Cardiff Store
Absolutely loved it!  Having just returned back to work I now feel like I am up to date with the brand.  Really enjoyed the day.
Arron - Cardiff Store
Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Feel much more confident using the brand.  The educator was fantastic and great support.  Thank you!
Natalie - Cardiff Store
Excellent course, enjoyable and learnt lots. 
Shannon - Cardiff Store
Really learnt a lot today and feel more confident with Framesi.  The educator was amazing and would be happy to attend more of her courses in the future. 
Sarah - Cardiff Store
Really enjoyed the course - would definitely recommend it to others.
Beth - Yeovil Store
Really enjoyed the session.  Very educational, would definitely attend another. 
Gemma - Yeovil Store
Brilliant introduction to Framesi colour.  Very informative. 
Lisa - Yeovil Store
A great learning day, lots of good information.  Thank you. 
Sarah - Yeovil Store
Very informative - there was lots to take in and so much the range can offer so will be booking another course.  Very happy though!
Charlotte - Cardiff Store
Felt very relaxed.  The educator was lovely and friendly.
Honor - Cardiff Store
Very detailed talked through course and was shown how to correctly use the products.
Natasha - Cardiff Store
The course offered all the information I needed.
Alexandra - Cardiff Store
Very thorough and informative course.
Kellyanne - Cardiff Store
Really enjoyed the course, answered all my questions.
Natalie - Cardiff Store
Good course and a great refresher.
Stu - Cardiff Store
The course was very well organised.  The educator and staff were very helpful and friendly.
Lorelle - Yeovil Store
Very informative course for knowledge across the whole range.
Opal - Hereford Store
The staff were extremely friendly and very accommodating.
Michelle - Coventry Store
Very good course.  Feel a lot more confident using the product now.  Look forward to returning to the salon and using it.
Arron - Coventry Store
Great information on colours.
Mandy - Coventry Store
Really great course, valuable information given to me to take back to the salon.
Ang - Liverpool Store
I have learnt a lot on the course and the educator was very informative. 
Claire - Liverpool Store
I have learnt lots and thoroughly enjoyed the course. 
Katherine - Liverpool Store
The course was very informative.  Looking forward to trying the things we have learnt today.
Rebecca - Worcester Store
Very good information on all colour and colour related products.
Kirsty - Hereford Store
The course went really well. Very happy with what I learnt.
Lauren - Hereford Store
My brain is bursting with knowledge from the information provided on today's course! Thank you.
Hannah - Hereford Store
Very informative, the course was delivered in an easy to follow and friendly manner.
Julie - Hereford Store
Very interesting to hear about the products and techniques in all aspects of colouring and the full range.
Holly - Yeovil Store
It was a good course with a knowledgeable educator.  All questions were answered. 
Tania - Yeovil Store
The educator was fabulous and very knowledgeable.
Rebecca - Yeovil Store
A great course. 
Brooke - Yeovil Store
Very good course, all questions were answered. 
Philip - Coventry
Very informative day, Iearnt a lot
Jenna - Coventry Store
Brilliant training,easy to follow ,I really learnt a lot
Carla - Tamworth Store
The educator was amazing.  I have learnt loads to take away and be able to try new ideas.
Amy - Tamworth Store
I have really enjoyed this course today and have learnt much more than I expected.  Very well organised. 
Zoe - Hereford Store
Another fantastic course.
Pam - Hereford Store
A fantastic and very informative course.
Julie - Hereford Store
Good content - lots to take in.
Jo - Luton Store
Very informative, friendly atmosphere.
Abbie - Luton Store
Very informative, fun and enjoyable. Great educator, Kelly Wright.
Caroline - Luton Store
Well informed.
Amanda - Luton Store
Fab info
Lauren - Yeovil Store
Very interesting course, learnt loads.  I am now looking forward to using the range.
Angie - Yeovil Store
Brilliant education. 
Kathy - Yeovil Store
The educator has excellent knowledge, very easy to follow.
Francesca - London Store
Excellent course, would highly recommend.
Antoni - London Store
The educator was really informative and had a natural approach to teaching the course.  I would definitely like to do more courses.  I would now like to extend my stock levels and ranges of Framesi.
Laura - Tamworth Store
Nicky - Tamworth Store
Highly recommend Aston & Fincher for courses and all supplies.  Great informative courses and friendly staff. 
Tracey - Tamworth Store
Would highly recommend.
Louise - Birmingham Store
The educator was fantastic - such fab knowledge and extensive industry experience.  It was a great day and I feel like I now understand Framesi a lot better.
Courtney - Birmingham Store
Had an amazing day.  Feel like I learnt lots, happy with the experience. 
Charmaine - Birmingham Store
Great course, I will attend another in the future.
Andrea - Manchester Store
Had a really enjoyable day attending this course with a great group.
Andrea - Manchester Store
Good intro to the colour range.  Relaxed surroundings and a friendly service.
Amy - Manchester Store
Fab course, lovely educator, knowledgeable, approachable and found it very useful. 
Alison - Manchester Store
Had a fab day with the educator, learnt so much and can't wait to try out new things. 
Demi - Hereford Store
Really friendly educator who helped me learn more and boost my confidence.
Laura - Hereford Store
Excellent course, very knowledgeable.
michelle - Hereford Store
Love Love Love the training at Aston & Fincher.  The staff are very helpful.
Zoe - Hereford Store
Brilliant course with lots of useful knowledge.  Very understandable and approachable.  Really enjoyed the course and seem so much more confident already.
Kate - Truro Store
Fantastic, well organised, lovely to understand a new colour range.  Great day - thank you.
Stephanie - Truro Store
Extremely informative.  Thank you.
Megan - Truro Store
Learnt so much attending this course, will definitely attend another one.
Ottilie - Truro Store
I really enjoyed the course and the educator was brilliant.  Would definitely come again.
Jenna - Truro Store
Knowledgeable staff and all happy to share their experiences.  I look forward to attending more courses.

Georgia - Truro Store
Brilliant, learnt so much.
Lewis - Truro Store
Learnt so much attending this course - really helpful 
Chloe - Yeovil Store
5 Stars!
Jay - Yeovil Store
Really interesting and informative, enjoyed the day.  Thank you.
Matice - Yeovil Store
Best course.  Amazing facts - 5 stars.
Georgina - Yeovil Store
Informative and easy to follow.
Karen - Yeovil Store
Friendly, easy to follow and informative.
Jessica - Yeovil Store
I really enjoyed today's course - Introduction to Framesi.  I learnt so much and am feeling a lot more confident in my colour knowledge.  The educator was brilliant.  Thank you.