Gel Colour and Manicure 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm
Duration: one day lunch provided
Pre Requisite: No Experience Needed
Equipment: Supplied by Aston & Fincher for the day

Course Description

We take you from start to finish on this course through all the techniques needed to be confident to produce a beautiful gel manicure. You don't need to have any previous beauty training to take this course our qualified educators will take you step by step through everything you need to be able to do a Basic Manicure and Gel polish application.

What is covered on the Manicure and Gel Polish course?
Basic Manicure teaches the delegate how to produce a good professional manicure, going through Contraindications, Health and Safety, Salon Hygiene Nail polish application.
Gel Colour teaches the delegate the Contraindications, Health and Safety, Salon Hygiene and then how to apply the perfect gel colour.

What happens on the day
  • Theory behind the manicure.
  • Practical session – Manicure.
  • Theory behind Gel colour application.
  • Practical session – Gel Polish.
  • Explanation of products and tools needed to be able to complete manicure and gel nails application.
  • Delegates will work on each other on the day - no model required.
Once you have the basics covered we have a selection of courses to take you on your Nail Technicians Journey.
We show you how to
create beautiful nail art with Mo You stamping and some great technical courses which show you how to use Acrylic Poly Gel.  We also offer a Masters Course for those who have been using Acrylic Poly Gel for over three months and would like to learn how to achieve great Instagram worthy sculptured nails.

click -  Here for Mo You Stamping
            Here for Acrylic Poly Gel Level one
            Here for Acrylic Poly Gel Advanced 

*please take the time to read our terms and conditions before booking your course

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Reviews (66)

Emma - Oldbury Store
Informative course and easy to use. 
Kate - Worcester Store
A really enjoyable day with lots of information and plenty of theory and practicals.  Will be booking lots more courses with Aston & Fincher.
Elly - Worcester Store
Really enjoyed the course.  Very knowledgeable educator.
Tina - Worcester Store
Great course with lots of information.  
Jade - Worcester Store
Really enjoyed the course.  Would definitely recommend others to attend to learn more about Gels.
Sally - Worcester store
A great day,I've learnt a lot. Everything was well organised and the tutor was very knowledgeable and approachable. 
Lorelle - Yeovil Store
Really enjoyed the course.
Grace - Yeovil Store
Taking time answering questions, friendly, felt comfortable
Angela - Yeovil Store
Educators are very knowledgeable.
Karen - Yeovil Store
Really enjoyed this course, anyone wanting to learn nails should go on this course.
Patricia - Liverpool Store
A fab course.
Katie - Liverpool Store
The course was brilliant and so was the educator.  Definitely will attend further courses in the future.  Highly recommend these courses.
Sarabjit - Luton Store
It's great to learn something new.  The tutor was very knowledgeable.
Nagina - Luton Store
I really enjoyed this course.  The educator was friendly and very good.
The educator was a brilliant teacher.  She explained everything very clearly.  She didn't rush and helped us understand what we were learning. Thank you. 
Sotija - Luton Store
I would recommend the courses at Aston & Fincher they are very professional. 
Molly - Luton Store
I am glad I have attended this course - very knowledgeable.
Bronte - Luton Store
Learnt lots in a fun, practical way.  The educator was great.  Thank you.
Jessica - Worcester Store
So pleased with what I have learnt.  Great tutor, easy to follow.  I would 100% recommend.
Amy - Manchester Store
Informative course with practical hands on experience.
Suzon - Manchester Store
Learnt a lot and loved this practical.  Lovely educator.
Sam - Cheltenham Store
So much learning in one short day.  Excellent trainer and great value for money.
Amanda - Cheltenham Store
Loved the day!  Learnt lots on this course.  I am now booking onto the MoYou course.
Paige - Cheltenham Store
This was a very helpful course.  I now know exactly what to do.
Cerys - Nottingham Store
A very enjoyable day and I learnt lots.  Very welcoming and I felt very comfortable straight away. 
Angela - Nottingham Store
Very enjoyable and informative - knowledgeable educator.  Was given plenty of tips and advice.
Jane - Nottingham Store
A fabulous day - the educator was the best teacher, great fun.  I would love to learn more!
Ala - Tamworth Store
Great course, love their product - 5 stars
Charlotte - Tamworth Store
Lovely staff, easy to travel to and great value for money.
Hannah - Tamworth Store
The course was educational, friendly staff and very professional approach.
Virginia - Tamworth Store
Was made to feel extremely welcome.  The educator was very knowledgeable.  I enjoyed the course.  Thank you.
Kelly - Birmingham Store
5 Stars!
Nicole - Birmingham Store
The educator was fantastic!
Fi - Birmingham Store
My first ever course to begin my new career journey.  Stacey was very knowledgeable and easy to follow. 
Tiffany - Birmingham Store
A brilliant course, really friendly and wonderful instructor.  I will return to Aston & Fincher for another course.
Anya - Birmingham Store
This course was fun, knowledgeable and just a lovely day in general. 
Gillian - Birmingham Store
5 Star Course
Chantelle - Birmingham Store
The educator was really helpful throughout the course.  I am glad I attended and have booked to go on another course.
Clair - Birmingham Store
5 Star Course
Wintia - Worcester Store
Stacey was very knowledgeable and helpful. 
Michelle - Worcester Store
An excellent course - the content was far more than I expected.  The teaching was very informative and a good pace. 
Molly - Worcester Store
Stacey was lovely and very approachable.  Definitely learnt more than just manicure and gel polish.  Excellent value for money.
Jo - Worcester Store
Mike was an absolute star, so easy to talk to and nothing was no trouble which made you feel very relaxed.  Brilliant!
Sneha - Manchester Store
The tutor was really good and made me feel very comfortable throughout the day.  I would definitely attend another course at Aston & Fincher.
Nadia - Manchester Store
I really enjoyed the course, the tutors way of teaching and the facilities provided. Thank you.
Vanessa - Yeovil Store
Attending this course has been an enjoyable experience.
Heather - Yeovil Store
An excellent course - I loved it!
Sophie - Yeovil Store
A five star course.  Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Shalana - Yeovil Store
A brilliant educator and super friendly too.  Would most definitely recommend this course.
Kate - Manchester Store
A very informative course.  I am now ready to work in the industry.
Christina - Lichfield Store
Really enjoyed the day.  Very interesting and the venue was ideal.  Stacey the educator was fantastic and extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend Aston & Fincher.  Thank you.
Katrina - Lichfield Store
A 5 Star course.  Had a relaxed and interesting day, the educator was very helpful.
Joanne - Lichfield Store
An excellent course and a friendly educator, really enjoyable.
Lynzy - Southport Store
Excellent training and a fabulous day.  Would recommend this course to others.  Really enjoyed the day.
Very friendly, approachable and welcoming.  Staff very informative and knowledgeable.
Jaggy Jagpal
Mike was an absolute pleasure to learn from - a true asset to the company !
Freya Godfrey- Hunt
Well organised,educator was professional and informative.

Lisa Leake
easy to get to, easy to park, good course.
Jessica Wells
Nice atmosphere, relaxed and easy to learn
Jayne Girling
Nice store,lovely staff and great products.
I would definitely recommend doing a course here.
Eliesha Freeman
Good friendly service and atmosphere 
Alison Owen
Loved the gel course,it was relaxed and easy to learn.
I would recommend Aston & Fincher for courses. Stacey was a great teacher.
Zoe Lee
I learnt lots of things,the course was really informative.Really friendly teacher she put us all at ease straight away.Would recommend to everyone 
Leanne Ford
Great day,staff were fantastic!
Jessica Harvey
Really nice area to learn and work in.
Rebecca Field
Nice environment,friendly people. The educator had a great /cool personality,I would recommend this course. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed it.