Marvelash Russian Volume Techniques 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm lunch provided
Duration: 2 Days
Pre Requisite: This is an advanced course and we ask all delegates to have already completed a lash course
Equipment: all equipment will be provided - Kit can be purchased after the course from the store

Course Description

How do you ensure you keep up with the latest beauty trends ?
Are you offering your clients the very latest in beautiful lash extensions ?
Come and join us on our Marvelash Russian Volume Lash Techniques course.
This course is open to all lash technicians who want to master the next level of lash extensions. From 3D, 6D Russian Volume Layering, Bridging and Salon Systems signature lash techniques - accent, multi lash, feathering, stack and extended.
On this two day course you will learn how to create an extremely full and soft looking finish using ultra fine lashes especially designed for lash artistry. All lashes for the course will be provided and you are able to purchase the Marvelash Russian lash Kit after the course.

As this is an advanced course we do ask that you have either completed the Marvelash extension course or another lash extension course before booking onto this course.

What happens on the day ?
Delegates will be working on each other. You MUST ensure you remove any existing lash extensions and contacts. Makeup must be kept minimum and do not wear waterproof mascara

  • We take you through the correct lash analysis
  • 3D/6D Russian Volume layering
  • Salon Systems signature lash techniques
  • Top tips and expert advice on efficient collection and placement of lashes
  • Client Maintenance
  • Re-Balance and Safe Removal
  • Troubleshooting
  • Promotion and marketing

This is a two day course please see the dates below:

  • Liverpool         -  Day 1  March 21st       Day 2 April 4th
  • Birmingham    -  Day 1  April 11th          Day 2 April 18th
  • Cheltenham    - Day 1 April 16th           Day 2 April 30th
  • Cardiff             -  Day 1  April 25th        Day 2 May 9th
  • Bristol              -   Day 1 April 23rd        Day 2 May 8th

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