NXT Colour Solutions 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm lunch provided
Duration: 1 day
Pre Requisite: Level 2 NVQ
Equipment: no equipment needed we will provide swatches for you to work on

Course Description

What is NXT Colour Solutions ?

On this full and informative day, we take you through how to get the very best out of NXT.
You will work on swatches and we take you through how to problem solve,colour correct and show you formulations to create new shades from your NXT colour range.Working in a group of likeminded industry professionals we talk through concerns about creating new shades for clients what happens when a colour correction disaster walks through your salon door.
We aim to give you the confidence to create with NXT colour when you go back to your clients.

What happens on the day

  •  Introduction – what are your expectations of the day? 
  • Have you any anecdotes of bad colour correction? This is how to solve them
  • Analizing and understanding the colour wheel
  • Learn how to Remove unwanted colour,Replace colour,Neutralise colour tone and enhance existing colour
  • Working on swatches delegates will problem solve and put into practice the lessons from the morning session.
  • Conclusion – did you hit the expectations you wrote down at the start of the course?
  • Swatches will be provided for the course by Aston & Fincher 
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Reviews (20)

Laura - Cardiff Store
Thoroughly enjoyed the course today.  A really good refresher.
Kate - Hereford Store
Very enjoyable course.  Would recommend it as a nice refresh. 
Nicki - Yeovil Stpre
A great day, thank you. 
Jade - Yeovil Store
Amazing course, very informative.  I will definitely attend another. 
Leah - Yeovil Store
The course was so helpful and informative and the staff were super friendly.
Deborah - Manchester Store
Quick and informative.
Nicola - Manchester Store
Good course to get an understanding of confidence in corrections. Friendly educator.
Chantelle - Manchester Store
Lovely facilities, friendly staff, lovely educator knows products well.
Janet - Manchester Store
Recommend this course to refresh colour basic knowledge. Plenty of information given and very easy to follow on all levels.
Wesley - Manchester Store
Lovely educator, facilities are really good and professional. All staff are friendly and helpful.
Kelly - Tamworth Store
Feel a lot more knowledgeable after attending the NXT course. The Hair educator was very friendly and approachable, who answered all of my questions.
Dianne - Tamworth
Really helpful, refreshed memory and built confidence.
Paige - Liverpool Store
Met expectations. Would attend another course.
Demi - Liverpool Store
Great day.
Jessica - Liverpool Store
Very helpful.
Camille - Liverpool Store
Learned loads, very helpful.
Faith - Liverpool Store
Learnt more than expected. Courses are easily understood and well planned. Well looked after whilst on the course. Everyone is friendly.
Stacey - Liverpool Store
Learnt a lot. easy to understand and Louise was very helpful.
Katie - Northampton Store
Great course, very informative and friendly staff.  Will definitely do more courses here.
Nicola - Northampton Store
Excellent course, I have learnt a lot of information.