Patrick Cameron Heritage Collection Evening Event 2019

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Time: 6pm-8pm
Duration: 2 hours
Pre Requisite: No experience needed
Equipment: Evening event

Course Description

What to expect from a Patrick Cameron Eveing Event ......

This collection is Patrick's ultimate take on braiding techniques combined with beautiful casual bouffants.
Heritage has a huge emphasis on braids, but Patrick was determined to add his own unique stamp by combining techniques to create different textures that will give hairdressers a professional edge.

“Because braiding is such a big deal on Instagram and online, we have to keep it fresh and keep pushing new techniques and ideas that will excite both us and our clients,

'Heritage' is craft-based and shows how to apply the artistry of dressing long hair to create styles that are suitable for every occasion.  In this collection Patrick uses original techniques that combine knots, twists and weaves for an intricate braided effect.
He emphasises the importance of breaking his complex creations into bite-sized elements.

“Step by step is the most important thing.  You can never approach everything all at once you have to break it down into little pieces”

Learning a technique is forever and there will always be a point in one’s career when we can draw from that technique. The more you learn and the more you challenge yourself, the more your wealth of knowledge and expertise will be.  This is the key to a long and successful career.  I have 27 years of experience of creating beautiful hair and I am very passionate about education.

Information is power, and my message to hairdressers is this; Invest in our Heritage to create your future”

Come and join us for a fun and informative evening with the master of hair up!

What happens on the night ? .......

  • Doors open - 5.30pm
  • Show time - 6pm-8pm
  • Meet greet and selfie time after the show

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 we may hold the event in an external venue you will be informed by email

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