PULP RIOT - Colour Anarchy

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Course Details

Time: Around 10 am - 12pm
Duration: 2 hour session for you to interact with like minded creative hairstylists
Pre Requisite: No experience needed - just be ready to see colour in a new perspective.
Equipment: This is a look,learn and be inspired session,PULP RIOT bring their colour and style
Dress code: come as you are .........

Course Description

Come and Join the Pulp Riot Artists for COLOUR ANARCHY !

We invite you to join the riot as we challenge your thought process and disrupt the trends so you see
colour through a new perspective.
On this 2 hour session you will learn creative colour techniques and explore how
Pulp Riot Semi-Permanents can inspire you to create your own unique colour pallet.
Using the full Pulp Riot Colour range there will be extraordinary colour results beyond your expectations.

This is a super fun  2hr interactive workshop where you will learn both formulation and comprehensive
product knowledge of this revolutionary colour line.

The sessions will be taken by a member of the British Pulp Riot Squad:

Verity Waite @verityofthevanitybox
   in our Birmingham Academy
Gemma Amura @gemmaamura         in our Swansea Academy

During this 2 hr look and learn session you will witness demonstrations and the very latest colour trends.

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