PULP RIOT - Killer Paint

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Course Details

Time: runs from around 10am to 12.00 ish
Duration: 2 hrs of a super fun class full of creative information
Pre Requisite: Mad skills, Basic skills this is a discovery day for everyone !
Equipment: you only need to bring your creative juices ..... Remember You are the artist. Hair is the canvas. Riot is the paint.

Course Description

Today is the day to discover how the disruption began!

Explore Pulp Riot Semi-permanent colours with our Artists.
Pulp Riot colours created by artists for modern day colouring. Learn how to
use these conditioning semi-permanent colours to create any shade of your choice......

The message throughout the seminar is - You are the artist. Hair is canvas. Pulp Riot is the paint

Join like minded people on a super fun interactive class where you will learn creative formulation,determining your canvas and a healthy bit of product knowledge
During the 2 hr look and learn seminar you will witness a demonstration of on-trend colour depositing to help you master your colour services !

British Pulp Riot Artists taking the seminars are:
Heather Mckenzie          @glam.by.heather
in Birmingham  Aston & Fincher acadamy
Tegan Robertson            @peachsodaa
in Luton and Plymouth Aston & Fincher academies
LexieShay Rabbett          @hair_by_lexieshay
in our Nottingham and Liverpool Aston & Fincher academies
Gemma Amura                @gemmaamura
in our Swansea Academy

Remember  -You are the artist. Hair is canvas. Pulp Riot is the paint

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Reviews (4)

Samantha - Plymouth Store
Great service and friendly staff.
Amy - Plymouth Store
5 Star Education.
Summer - Plymouth Store
Lovely friendly staff and learning was carried out in a relaxed atmosphere!
Victoria - Plymouth Store
Very informative and helpful.  It was fun learning new techniques.