Wahl Fade - The Specialist 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm lunch provided
Duration: 1 day
Pre Requisite: level 3
Equipment: No equipment needed but delegates will need to supply their own model

Course Description

On this Wahl course you will learn one of the most important but one of the hardest techniques to preform to a high standard in
men's barbering - The Fade
The Fade
haircut would have previously been seen as an edgier hairstyle that may not have been accepted in the workplace but fashion has seen a resurgence of the Fade. From being the main style of the military in the 40's and 50's to Will Smith rocking a Fade in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air the last few years we have seen many gents rocking The Fade and looking good.

What is a Fade?
Tapers, Skin Fades, Ghost Fades ,low, medium and high Fades its easy to get confused.
The Fade
haircut is an aggressively tight taper of gent's hair.  Hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible with clippers whilst leaving the hair long on top. Sounds simple ?.......
The Wahl educators will take you through the different techniques you need to master The Fade and how to transition the hair from one length to another.  Tapering and blending using the different clipper guards and how to Skin and Ghost fade without a guard.  This course is a must for anyone serious about Barbering and Gents hairdressing.

As its a creative course we do ask that you have at least 3 years experience before you book onto this course.
We also ask that you provide your own model for the practical session from 1pm
*please note we are able to provide a brief for your model - but we are unable to provide the model

What happens on the day
  • Demonstrations by the educator in the morning.
  • Practical session in the afternoon.
  • Techniques covered are skin fades, shading and blending.
  • Explanation of which clippers, trimmers and blades are needed to create the look.
  • Delegates will learn aspects of classic barbering and the advanced skills that are needed to create the perfect fade.
  • Delegates will need to provide their own model to work on.

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 *please take the time to read our terms and conditions before booking your course

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Reviews (4)

Amelia - Luton Store
I was so happy with the course and learnt so much.  Can't wait to improve my techniques at doing fades in the salon.
Lucy - Worcester Store
Mary - Worcester Store
Great course. 
Zoe - Hereford Store
A great experience - thank you!