Wahl Solid Foundation - Classic Men's Barbering 2019

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Course Details

Time: 10am - 4pm lunch provided
Duration: 1 day
Pre Requisite: Level 2 NVQ required
Equipment: Equipment will be provided. Delegates will need to provide a model

Course Description

With this course Wahl have come up with something that is designed for a whole range of people in the industry.  If you are newly qualified and would like something to increase your confidence with men's barbering, returning to the industry after a break and would like to brush up on existing skills or work in a hairdressing salon and do not normally cut gents hair, Wahl Solid Foundation Men's Barbering will take you through all the basics needed to create a good gent's haircut. The practical session will explain how to use clippers and scissors over comb and how to cut in hairlines, giving you the skills to be confident in cutting gent's hair.

We also ask that you provide your own model for the practical session from 1pm

*please note we are able to provide a brief for your model - but we are unable to provide the model 

What happens on the day
  • Demonstrations by the educator in the morning.
  • Practical session in the afternoon.
  • Techniques covered are clipper and comb over scissors and blending hairlines.
  • Explanation of which clippers, trimmers and blades are needed to create the look.
  • Delegates will learn aspects of classic barbering and the skills that are needed to create the perfect gent's haircut.
  • Delegates will need to supply a model to work on. 
Serious Hairdressers and Barbers all know how important it is to keep up with the latest styles and techniques. The constant changes in fashion means there is always something new to learn. The Wahl Creative course is great for learning all the latest looks and styles that your customers are looking for in 2019.

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Reviews (12)

Annika - Cheltenham Store
Really great course today for barbering.  I now feel more confident.
Felicity - Cheltenham Store
This course was fantastic today.  I have come away feeling like I have gained lots of knowledge.  Love attending these courses at Aston & Fincher.
Tammy - Cheltenham Store
Attending this course has helped my confidence and we were shown different tricks.
Chloe - Worcester Store
Very well presented and easy to follow.  Enjoyed the course very much. 
Madisa - Worcester Store
A very nice course to attend - you are shown how to create styles and to do things in the correct way.  Everyone was very helpful. 
Debbie - Worcester Store
Fantastic tutor - learnt so much on this course.
Michael - Luton Store
Met expectations. Would attend another course.
Olivia - Luton Store
Met expectations. Would attend another course.
Amara - Birmingham Store
Good staff, great help.  5 star course!
Hollie - Birmingham Store
Really enjoyed the course - the educator was brilliant!  I now feel a lot more confident in barbering.
Chloe - Birmingham Store
I really enjoyed the course today with the educator.  I would definitely recommend to others. 
Donna - Birmingham Store
Excellent course.